Designing and producing sustainable buildings is of paramount importance to Westwind Oak.  That’s why we take a proactive role and are proud to be members of the Association for Environmentally Conscious Builders, a founding member of The Forest of Avon Wood Products Co-operative, and a member of the Green Register of Construction Professionals. Such affiliations demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and environmental issues.

Aside from its aesthetic charm and tactile qualities, Green oak (oak used within one or two years of the tree being felled) is a fantastic building material, as it has a low embodied energy (the amount of energy taken to produce it). Historically an oak frame will last for many hundreds of years – far exceeding the time taken to grow the trees used in its construction.

As a strong and durable timber, European oak is ideal for framing and carries many natural benefits, including natural preservatives which protect against rot and insect attack. This makes structural oak brilliantly suited to the sustainable applications implemented by the Westwind team throughout the construction process.

All our timber comes from managed woodlands, where it is carefully selected and responsibly grown. However, using sustainable materials on their own is not enough. With the introduction of increasingly stringent building regulations and the move towards zero carbon houses, a more holistic approach is required, which integrates sustainable practises throughout the building process.

Westwind Oak achieves this by working with the best architects in the field, from the initial design stage through to construction.  Our designs endeavour to harness passive principals such as solar gain from correct orientation, correct glazing and high-tech insulation methods.  Right from the detailed design and building regulation stage, we offer a complete environmental service to help lower the carbon footprint of the building.

For more information on how Westwind Oak can provide you with a high performing, environmentally conscious building call us on 01934 877 317.