Revised edition of 'Oak-Framed Buildings' available now!

By Rupert Newman

A practical book on the technique of timber-frame construction for carpenters, builders and aspiring self-builders, but also a source of inspiration to anyone who appreciates beautiful buildings.

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"A triumph of style and content". Mortice and Tenon Spring 2006

"You'll appreciate the enormous amount of information it has to offer. If you're thinking about building with oak this is a sturdy companion to have with you".
Grand Designs Magazine April 2006

"A really superb resource for carpenters, builders and self-builders"
Green Building Magazine Spring 2006

"As a well-informed and inspirational look at the wonderful world of wood, It's hard to beat". Build It Magazine April 2006

"Each aspect of construction is covered. Covers the different types and principles of designing frames, as well as plot layout and land issues. As much detail and advice is given on finishing , what type of heating to use, and glazing and insulation. It is packed with information backed up by Rupert's years of experience in building these types of houses." Furniture and Cabinet Making Magazine April 2006