Design & Planning

Design & Planning

Working Drawings

The design process for an oak framed building is a partnership between the client, the architect and Westwind Oak.  We can either work with your chosen architect or supply our own architects, who specialise in Oak Framed Buildings. Whichever you choose, our flexible approach means we are able to tailor our service around your requirements. To discuss your options in more detail, why not request a free consultation – call us on 01934 877 317.

The key elements in the design process are as follows:

The Initial Design Proposal

By listening to your requirements, several factors will be established and carefully considered.  The proposal will be based on your site, location and the type of building you wish to achieve as well as your budget.  Normally a measured survey of your plot will be required to establish all of the necessary information.

We are attentive that any design is appropriate for the chosen site and accentuates the best elements of the environment. Making the best use of sunlight, views and orientation on a plot will ensure that the internal spaces get maximum natural light throughout the day and that full advantage is taken of solar heat gains, without the risk of overheating during the summer months.

The initial design of any project is very important to maximise energy efficiency and create a beautiful, well planned and yet highly efficient home. We achieve this by working with some of the best architects who are experienced in oak frame design and who appreciate how oak frames interact with the rest of the building envelope.

Westwind uses sophisticated 3-dimensional modelling software to give realistic renders of how your frame may look. Many of our clients find this an invaluable resource as it enables you to visualise your project in greater depth, flagging up design elements that may need refining.

Alternatively, if you come to us with your own plans we will work with your designer to design the oak frame element of the build.

Planning Submission

Once you are happy with the finalised designs, they will be submitted to your local planning authority for approval.

Building Regulation Design

Once planning permission has been granted, detailed drawings and specifications are drawn up for building regulation approval.  This involves a set of framing drawings detailing the whole of the oak frame structure.  These drawings are sent to our specialist structural engineer who supplies full structural calculations on the frame, which are then combined with the building regulation drawings and sent to the building inspector.

Detailed Construction Information

This will include fully worked up architectural drawings and framing drawings.

Before the building work starts it is important to make sure that you have arranged a ‘Building Warranty’.  Building warranties are required by building societies and banks if you need to borrow money against the property. We recommend you use BLP Insurance

Westwind’s appointed architect’s fees come in two main stages. The first part would be for the design up to and including a planning application and the second would be for the building regulations submission and full working drawings. The architect can also be employed to inspect the on-site build and liaise with your selected contractor to ensure appropriate quality control is maintained. For Westwind Oak’s charging structure please go to Building Oak Frames.




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