Westwind SIP Envelopes

Westwind SIP Envelopes


Westwind is one of the first (and most experienced) oak framing companies in the UK able to design, supply and fit SIP (Structurally Insulated Panel) envelopes to clad and insulate your oak frame.  This gives you the option of a dry shell, super insulated and air-tight building, that has been pre-cut to match your project’s engineering and design specifications.

This specialist service is facilitated through our partnership with the BBA certified Kingspan TEK Building System.  This allows us to design and deliver the Kingspan TEK Building System to fit our green oak frames to exacting standards.  This efficient system streamlines construction time, making it easy to predict project completion times.

Designed in-house and alongside the oak frame, Westwind can offer a high-tech and time saving solution, solving the problems of air-tightness and cold bridging whilst providing u-values as low as 0.1 W/m2.K.

Key Benefits:

* Fast, cost effective and predictable building method
* Produces buildings with high energy efficiency
* TEK SIPs are recognised by major building warranty providers
* Allows design flexibility and precision engineering
* Can provide 10% additional floor space
* Reduces onsite waste

We design the oak frame and the SIP envelope concurrently, so our clients have the reassurance of knowing that the two building systems will fit perfectly together. Whilst the oak frames are hand crafted in our Laurel Farm workshops, the Kingspan TEK Building Systems are precision cut at Kingspan’s fully automated plant using state of the art technology.

Off-site manufacturing is proven to be highly efficient, achieving low levels of site waste, whilst benefiting from faster on-site build times, all year round.

Once the oak frame is erected on site, the cut SIP panels are delivered and the frame can be immediately enclosed. The total build time for the frame and panels can be as little as 3 weeks. This speed of construction will reduce the overall build time, saving you money and onsite building resources.

Buildings which are enclosed with SIP envelopes provide an air tight structure. This is good because less heat will be lost from the building but it does mean that ventilation needs to be controlled to provide a healthy environment.  In the past ventilation was provided by trickle vents in the windows and extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. This provided fresh air but failed to stop heat escaping the building.

Westwind Oak suggest using a Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system. This works by extracting warm moist air from the building and passing it through a heat exchanger where it pre-warms incoming fresh cold dry air. This pre-warmed air is then piped around the house by a series of ducts and distributed by terminals in each room. MVHR systems can be very efficient with some being able to exchange 90% of the heat.  This can further reduce the overall running of your property.

Visit the link to the Kingspan TEK Building System projects page, to read case studies on two SIP projects that Westwind Oak have carried out.

For more information on the Kingspan TEK Building System, call us on  01934 877 317

Westwind Oak SIP Panel MVHR

Westwind Oak Frame with SIP Envelope and MVHR

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