We offer a two year paid apprenticeship at the Westwind Oak workshop in Lower Claverham, North Somerset. If you are interested please contact us to find out when an apprenticeship might become available.

The two year apprenticeship is hands-on training in our workshop with off-site classroom training just down the road in Chelvey. At our workshop you will be trained in every aspect of the trade, starting with making oak pegs to eventually cutting frames and raising the structures on site. Off-site training at the Oak Frame Training Centre is where you’ll learn about health and safety, scaffolding, crane signaling and working at height. Apprentices qualify with an NVQ in Structural Post & Beam Carpentry and you’ll build a portfolio of techniques and skills that you can travel the world with.

Westwind Oak is committed to training the next generation of structural carpenters so we’re actively involved with the Oak Frame Training Forum and the Carpenters Fellowship.

Have any questions? Why not get in contact with us today.