Sustainable Building

If, like us, the environment is important to you, rest assured because green oak timber frame construction is one of the most sustainable ways to build.

Green oak is a renewable building material and it’s extremely long lasting, naturally durable, and doesn’t need preservatives. It’s also a perfect carbon store and doesn’t release any carbon even when cut and used in timber framing. Our timber comes from managed European woodlands where the oak is carefully selected for responsible harvesting.

Timber frames integrate well with all types of eco designs and principles so your architect can have a field day helping to make your build a zero carbon home. And, when the frame is coupled with our SIPS or Larsen Truss encapsulation systems the structure becomes air-tight and super insulated. Timber frame construction can contribute greatly to low running costs and can minimise the impact of the building on the natural environment.

Timber frame buildings are a part of our heritage landscape and the likelihood is that your build could last for many hundreds of years too. That’s perfect carbon capture!

Westwind Oak is a member of the Association for Environmentally Conscious Builders and a member of the Green Register of Construction Professionals.

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