Glazing is a whole topic in itself. It can be used alongside the frame to create light filled spaces with huge floor to ceiling glazed units set into the frame itself. Or, for a more traditional style, smaller glazing units can be built into the external envelope as is the case with normal windows.

The large glazing units are fitted by directly fixing the glass onto the timber frame. With ‘direct glazing’ the glass is placed on the outside of the frame and held in place by a stable air-dried oak cover piece on the outside which forms a weather barrier. This specialist fitting method allows for movement in the green oak frame without compromising the waterproofness of the glazing system.

When using the large glazing units you should consider Passive Solar Heating and glare. It is possible to calculate the best orientation of the building, the optimum glazing area and most appropriate frame design to achieve an ideal amount of passive heat gain with minimal heat loss throughout the seasons. This approach will definitely contribute to the energy efficiency of your home.

Westwind Oak has worked with specialists Worle Glass & Joinery for over 30 years to supply our oak windows, oak doors and most importantly to manufacture and fit our ‘direct glazing’ units.

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