The Workshop

Westwind Oak is located in the beautiful countryside of North Somerset just south of Bristol. We have a massive 2000 m2 yard, 3 workshops making up 750 m2, a design office and canteen.

The design office uses state of the art computer software to bring your ideas to life. The 3D modeling even gives a virtual walk through of your building. Once everyone is happy that the frame matches your vision and has absolute structural integrity, we’ll create 2D plans for our carpenters in the workshop.

The huge yard is where many tons of timber is delivered for your build and graded by our qualified timber graders. Grading timbers is a skill in itself and structural carpentry also needs load-bearing and engineering knowledge, as well as deft handling of chisels and planes. All these skills you’ll find in abundance in our workshop.

The workshop is where the carpenters fashion the oak for your frame. Every piece is unique. Joints are roughed out using a hand held power tool then finished by hand chisels and planes. Each carpenter has his own set of hand tools to help him with his craft. The unique pieces of timber are scribed with the carpenters' mark to show the position in the frame then stacked in the yard ready to be taken to the construction site for the frame to be raised.

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