Norwegian Hideaway

Island of Tiome, Norway

Design: Collaboration between Client and Westwind Oak
Highlights: Our most faraway build, Isolated location, Designed to Norwegian building standards

Westwind Oak was commissioned to design a large contemporary home for a plot of land on the Island of Tjome, Norway. The stunning site in the silver birch forests that edge the Oslo Fjord even has its own mooring. Adam and Ina Bailey knew exactly what they wanted from the outset and worked directly with the design team at Westwind Oak to design their build. Our recommended engineer made sure the frame complied with Norwegian regulations and we set about making the frame and SIPs envelope in our workshops in Somerset.

Delivery to this isolated location included: 36-hour cargo shipping out of the Port of Immingham Lincolnshire; temporary unloading at a local garden centre on the Island of Tjome; piecemeal deliveries in small vehicles down the tiny lane. All was worthwhile with the frame being raised and encapsulated in just 3 weeks. Our site team had a spectacular Norwegian adventure too and managed to find time for fishing, water skiing and mountain walking. The Norwegian Hideaway was a build to remember!

Photographer: A Bailey

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