The Gessner Pergola

14th Floor, The Gessner, Tottenham, London

Contractor: Fileturn
Highlights: Our highest ever build, On site delivery challenge!

The Gessner is a 14-story luxury apartment block in the middle of the busy streets of Tottenham in London. Fileturn, a contractor specialising in interior fit outs and construction services, commissioned Westwind Oak to design and supply an oak frame pergola for The Gessner rooftop garden.

The design and manufacture of the frame itself was easy, but the challenge to deliver several tonnes of huge pieces of timber to the top of a 14-story building in a busy built up area and with no fixed tower crane, was not. Some of the individual timbers were more than 6m long, weighing nearly half a tonne each.

In collaboration with Fileturn, we calculated that a 300 tonne crane was needed to achieve the 54m height and 66m distance from the building so we called in a specialist crane company. It took 5 hours, 6 operatives and a second crane to attach the flying jib. We only had 2 hours to lift the timber before the crane had to be dismantled. Once on the roof we used a hand operated winch to lift the timber and build the pergola.

The rooftop garden is used as an entertainment space and for alfresco dining. This is the highest job we have completed so far but we are about to embark on a timber construction on the 28th floor of a building in Bow! We’ll keep you posted.

Photographer: Way Of Life, Westwind Oak

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